Leslieville Yoga


“I love Leslieville Yoga. The teachers are generous and knowledgeable, and the classes are fun, and relaxed. It’s a great environment to laugh a little, and stretch a lot. I always leave there feeling fully restored, walking taller, and breathing a whole lot easier.”

~Janet M

“I started taking yoga classes at Leslieville yoga about a year ago, after I went to my first class and since then I have been hooked! The convenience of location and the very reasonable prices are great, but what makes that even more worth it is the Instructor. Anita is a hands on,  patient, highly knowledgeable Yoga instructor. With the intimate atmosphere of Leslieville Yoga’s studio, Anita is able to give a more hands on approach to teaching Yoga; if you cannot do a certain posture she offers the students modifications to enable them to do the postures and still gets the benefit of doing the posture properly. She is always walking around ensuring that you are doing the postures correctly to avoid any strains to your muscles or body. You would not be able to get that in a bigger studio, and that’s why the small intimate classes that Leslieville Yoga offers are very beneficial.

She also offers advice to what postures and stretches you can incorporate in day to day work and home environments, for those days that you can not dedicate time for yoga. I find when I come out of the class I am more energized then when I went in. Also when under stress I remember what breathing techniques I learned in class and apply it when I do feel overwhelmed and it calms me to down focus on what is at hand and to deal with it. When those days come for me to attend my yoga class I am always excited to attend, relax and learn even more! Leslieville Yoga is truly an educational, relaxing and spiritual setting to just completely let go of the day and focus on you and the present.”

~Stephanie K

“Anita’s Restorative Yoga/Thai Yoga Massage 2 hour classes are wonderful.  The classes leave me feeling calm inside and out,  Gentle, nurturing and so peaceful.  I feel calm inside and out.  A sweet experience As a stress management/wellness coach, I know that I can recommend Anita’s program to any of my clients and friends and that they will get a deeper understanding and feeling of real relaxation.

~Jan S.

“Dear Anita,

Thank you so much for your beginner classes that I started this summer—I’m now up to class #10. I believe that my taking your gentle, consistent, no-pressure class has been THE perfect opportunity for my back to heal in what I can only describe as “a miraculous way.” As you know I came to you as a stiff and inflexible student with chronic lower back compression. I looked like an inactive senior doing yoga for the first time —and I’m only 44.
Coming once per week has been just what I needed—a gradual “easing into” the yoga class. This has helped me immeasurably. I have found that my progress has been leaps and bounds with each class. And I didn’t feel that I had to hurry up and look good to impress you or anyone else who was there, or progress to the advanced yoga moves.

I am enjoying the benefits—now several weeks later I can frequently bend over and pick up a fallen piece of paper or a sock and do so without holding a shelf or my leg for support. Not all the time, but it’s happening more and more. Incredible!
So, I will be coming on a regular basis to your beginner’s class with no shame and a lot of joy. Thank you very much for your wonderful class and your lovely reassuring voice.”

~Katherine H

“My Saturday morning class at Leslieville Yoga is a perfect start to the weekend.  Anita is an amazingly calm and supportive yoga teacher and fosters a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment for students at any level!”

~Susan F

“Anita has saved my back with her warm personal studio and gentle guidance. I almost don’t want other people to know about it.”

~Louisa V.

“Leslieville Yoga classes are the most relaxing and rejuvenating yoga classes I’ve ever taken. I come out of there feeling like I’ve just had a full body and mind massage. Anita wonderfully combines stretching with a meditational focus on the present moment, making it the perfect mind-body experience.”

~Jenny B.


This is a great small yoga studio that offers caring and careful instruction for all levels of yoga practice. I began my yoga practice   in earnest at the age of 55 and the benefits have been many. I no longer have lower back pain and I feel more relaxed and energized throughout the week and better prepared to handle life’s curve balls. I’ve also begun meditation as a result of taking Anita’s workshop. Anita is a committed and caring yoga teacher. I can’t think of a better way to spend an hour and a half then on the mat at Leslieville Yoga.

~Jerome P.


“Leslieville Yoga has a special place in my heart. I feel deeply connected to Anita and the students who attend my class. We always have a lot of fun, share a few laughs and at times profound insights. My true passion is helping people. Through proper exercise, diet, relaxation, meditation and positive thinking we can enjoy a happier, healthier life. Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness. Let yoga show you the way”.

Cedar A