Leslieville Yoga

Class Descriptions

All classes focus on physical postures (asanas), yogic breathing (pranayama), relaxation (sarvasana ) and meditation.

Beginner’s Hatha

This class is ideal for beginners or individuals returning to yoga. It is slow-paced and consists of pranayama (proper breathing), basic stretching, standing postures, an introduction to the sun salutation, forward and backward bends, twists and lots of relaxation.

Gentle Hatha

The format of this class is similar to the beginner’s class. A few more postures and variations will be introduced and some of the postures will be held longer. This class would be appropriate for beginners as well.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a restful yoga in which props like blankets, blocks and bolsters are used to support the body in long passive stretching postures.  Restorative Yoga is recommended after recovering from an illness or injury and is wonderful way to release stress on a deep cellular level.  This is the ultimate in self-care class.

Restorative Yoga & Thai Yoga Massage (2 hour class –  registration required):

In this 2 hour class, the participants will receive some Thai Yoga Massage while holding the Restorative Yoga Postures. The class is the ultimate in relaxing and rejuvenating.

Yin/Yang Yoga

This class offers the best of both Hatha and Yin Yoga. The class begins with some gentle warm-ups and Yang postures (that stretch and stabilize the muscles) that include standing postures and sun salutations. The second half of the class is focused on Yin postures and ends with a long relaxation. You will leave the class humming and smiling.


Modifications are available for all classes.